Less Grip = More Distance. Reduce Your Grip Pressure by up to 30 Percent. FST, Finger Separation TechnologyUSGA Conforming. Alleviates Pain and Tension in the Hands and Arms. Great Glove for those suffering from ArthritisQuality Cabretta Leather. Durable Synthetic Top. Breathable LycraWatch Jason Seymour on the Golf Channel show Big Break Mexico

The Technology

FST Finger Separation Technology. Patent Design for the Best Golf Glove

Patented design reduces grip pressure by up to 30%.

Cabretta Leather for the Best Golf Glove

Offers incredible feel and traction.

Performance Flex FIt Lycra for the Best Golf Glove

Enhances fit, comfort and increases breathability.

Ultra Durable Synthetic Top for the Best Golf Glove

Offers shape durability and all weather performance.


  • “58 incredible rounds with my LeviTee Glove. What a Great Product!”
    Bill Cuebas
  • “ Helps alleviate the death grip that too many novices and amateurs apply to a club.”
    John Strege
  • “ To my suprise (and delight) the glove lessened my hand pain considerably.”
    Kiel Christianson
  • “ My score was one of my best in the last couple of years. Drives were longer and straighter and I felt like I had more control”
    John Darling
  • “ Many arthritic golfers have used this glove in recreational play as a means to provide relief.”
    Lyle Stefanavich
  • “ Companies like LeviTee are constantly trying to come up with innovative accessories to improve your comfort on the course.”